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Vaccine Mandates: Yea or Nay?

Offline-Medium: Vaccine mandates: Policy, history, law, and science

This lesson plan directs students to explore the recent debate regarding mandatory COVID vaccinations (USA: C-SPAN Classroom 2021).

Offline-Medium: Should public or private sectors mandate vaccines?

The lesson plan argues that vaccine mandate would be very effective in increasing vaccination rates (USA: PBS 2021).

Offline-Medium: Ethics of Vaccinations

The unit supports students to think critically about the moral and ethical implications of both allowing the refusal of vaccinations, and mandating vaccinations. They consider the relationship between personal liberty and autonomy and the promotion of public health (USA: NYU School of Medicine 2021).

Offline-Medium: Vaccination Twitter Debate

Students will know: Primary arguments surrounding the vaccination debate (before Covid!), including benefits and risks of vaccination, also: the features and conventions of communication using the social media platform Twitter (USA: Duke University 2019-2022).

Offline-Medium: Mandatory Vaccinations: Yea or Nay?

In this three-part lesson students discuss the proper role of government in making public health decisions (USA: Citizen U 2018-22).

Offline-Medium: Should Schools Require Students to Get the Coronavirus Vaccine?

Los Angeles became the first major school district of the U.S. to mandate vaccines for students 12 and older who are attending class in person. Should all school districts follow suit? (USA: New York Times 2021)

Offline-Medium: Vaccine “Passport” Debate

This unit explores the idea of COVID-19 vaccine “passports” as well as the arguments for and against their usage (USA: Classroom Law Project 2022).

Offline-Medium: State Efforts to Ban or Enforce COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates and Passports

The map on this site shows the status of individual states’ efforts to: Ban or enforce private employer mandated vaccinations, Mandate vaccines for state employees and health workers, Implement vaccine passports or proof of vaccination requirements (USA: The National Academy for State Health Policy 2022).

Offline-Medium: Vaccination policy
Wikipedia explains.


Offline-Medium: Vaccination in Schools: History

The TIME magazine looks at the history of efforts to fight polio, smallpox and diphtheria: "Schools Could Help More Kids Get the COVID-19 Vaccine. But History Has Some Warnings" (USA 2022).

Offline-Medium: Decoded: How do vaccines actually work?

The video of Scientific American explains in 5 minutes (2022).

Offline-Medium: Path out of the Pandemic

President Biden's Covid-19 Action Plan (2022)